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Digital Home Canada is a Toronto based digital consulting practice which assists clients in managing all aspects of their web and mobile app development projects including:

  • Mentoring
  • Project Charter
  • Requirements Planning
  • Needs Assessment
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Ongoing Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Selection
  • ERP / SaaS selection
  • Mobile App development
  • Website Development
  • Training and post development support

Digital Home Canada is headed by Hugh Thompson, a digital development specialist and entrepreneur with over 25 years years of digital marketing, IT, web and mobile app development experience.

Contact us at (905) 919-0356 for a free consultation.

Logo. Enabled.Life

Enabled.Life – Enabling the Digital World

Enabled Life is a framework developed by Digital Home Canada for building digital properties which hold greater appeal to older adults. The purpose of is to provide guidance and direction to web, mobile and TV app developers when building or re-designing digital properties. The goal is to build dynamic feature rich digital properties that incorporate functional and design elements to address the specific needs of Canadian over the age of 45 who now comprise 57% of the Adult population.

Digital Home works with product and project managers in an iterative approach to incorporate functional and accessible design changes into their backlogs.

low cost website development

Robust Low Cost Web Development

Building websites does not have to be expensive. Beautiful, robust, state of the art corporate websites complete with such features as eCommerce, feedback forums, support systems, social media plugins and more can now be built cheaply and effectively by leveraging open source content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, BBPress, osTicket, or ecommerce systems like Magento, and WooCommerce.

Contact us at (905) 919-0356 and learn how we can help.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

After starting his career in a traditional advertising agency, Hugh began working with digital marketing agencies honing his skills during his eight years of building Digital Home into Canada’s most visited Consumer Electronics website.

Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection

For clients who lack the in-house resources to complete a web or mobile app, we can help define the requirements and produce the necessary documentation to carry out the search for a qualified North American or off-shore development shop.

Employ Hugh Thompson's track record of digital success on your next project.

Walking the Walk

It’s often said that “Those who can, do; those who can’t, consult”. Hugh has climbed the mountain.

Beginning in 2001, and despite a fair bit of derision and skepticism, Hugh single handedly, created, designed, developed, implemented, and administered a Canadian focused website that grew to an audience of over 550,000 unique Canadian visitors a month. While Hugh owned the site, it was Canada’s most popular special interest website.

So, do you want a talker, or do you want the experience of someone with a track record of success?

For more info call us at (905) 919-0356 today.

Some recent projects

Custom web and mobile app development for Medonicx.
Web Application and Mobile App Scoping, Needs Assessment, Design and Development.
Needs assessment and workshop facilitation
Project Charter, Workshop Facilitation, Needs Assessment, Wireframing, Vendor Outsourcing

For more information, contact Hugh Thompson at (905) 919-0356

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